If done right, stretching improves flexibility, mobility, and the effectiveness of more rigorous exercise routines. If done the wrong way, it can sprain and strain muscles. Knowing the proper stretching and health tips to make the best use of stretches can lead to better exercise and overall mobility.

Two Types of Stretching

There are two general kinds of stretches, dynamic and static stretches. Both have their uses and, if done regularly, can improve quality of life.

Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretches consist of warm-up routines athletes utilize before they start their regime or competition. These stretches loosen muscles get the body moving in preparation for more strenuous exercise. If not done, people can tear or strain muscles.

Since dynamic stretching is physical movement, it also helps build and tone muscle. Such routines are generally brief, usually several minutes, and are meant to loosen the body’s part in preparation for more rigorous exercise, i.e., a runner stretching their legs.

Static Stretching

While great for warming up, when it comes time to cool down after a workout, static stretches are better. Static stretching is when you extend and hold body positions for several seconds at a time. A lot of yoga poses utilize static stretches. Static stretches are great for improved flexibility, mobility, and stress relief. You can achieve these benefits in quick sessions of five to ten minutes. For best results, each static pose, such as toe touching, should be held for fifteen to twenty seconds.

Start Slow

For first-timers, holding such poses can be tricky. There’s nothing wrong with working up to holding poses for more extended periods. Doing too much too quickly, people can injure themselves. Since the point of stretches is to prevent injury, working up to such efforts is perfectly acceptable.

Stretch and Repeat

Brief, regular routines of static or dynamic stretching can garner effective results. Even a few minutes each day, with poses repeated several times or held for several seconds at a stretch, will help improve mobility, increase flexibility, and help the body move better and more freely.

Stretching is excellent for the body in a variety of ways. Better mobility and flexibility can improve results during an exercise regime or competition. It can also enhance the quality of life in daily activities. Proper stretching and health tips are easy to pick up and make for a better, more mobile, and flexible body.

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