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Visiting a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

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When it comes to hip and back pain, over 50% of expecting mothers experience this pain throughout their pregnancy – some may even have aches well after delivery. Many patients who experience back pain during pregnancy find themselves looking for alternative, safe methods for pain relief, without the possibility of harmful side effects from medications. Here at Preston Chiropractic, you can have treatment from a chiropractor during pregnancy. Our pregnancy chiropractors know how to accommodate growing bellies, and prioritize comfort as well as overall health for you and your little one.

What is Prenatal Chiropractic Care?

When preparing for labor, your body makes drastic changes that unfortunately, can come with health complications. Some of these changes include areas such as the pelvis bones, your abdomen protrudes –  which can increase the curve in your back, and your posture due to excess weight. Although these bodily changes are necessary for a successful childbirth, they can cause excess pain and aches throughout the process, which can lead to more unnecessary stress for you and your baby. Preston Chiropractic offers tailored prenatal therapy sessions for expecting mothers, and caters to those who suffer from chronic back pain, nerve pain, and general body aches. Our expert physicians prioritize the safety and comfort of our patients, and guarantee to target problem areas while keeping your pregnancy journey in mind.

What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Therapy for Pregnancy?

During your pregnancy, your center of gravity shifts due to the excess weight of your growing baby, which also can affect your posture. Our physicians will be able to realign your spine and pelvis to improve your posture, balance, and can offer benefits to your baby as well. With realigning your pelvis, it allows for your baby to have more room, and can prevent possible complications or, in extreme cases, birth defects. Your delivery should be as smooth as possible! We can help make the process more enjoyable with our prenatal chiropractor treatments; in addition to the nerve and back pain, visits at our office can also improve hip and joint pain, lower risks of C-section, faster recovery time, and can even improve nausea symptoms.

Are There Any Risks?

Although chiropractic care is generally very safe – chiropractic care during pregnancy may not be safe for everyone. We always recommend speaking with your primary doctor before undergoing any treatments. The physicians at Preston Chiropractic take great care and precaution for all patients, and are expertly trained to examine and treat those who are expecting. While chiropractic care is generally recommended – for example, it is advocated for by the American Pregnancy Association – chiropractic visits are not recommended for those who are experiencing some specific conditions. For example, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, placenta abruption, ectopic pregnancy, or moderate to severe toxemia are problematic and if experiencing these issues chiropractic care should be avoided.

How Often Should I Have Chiropractic Visits?

chiropractor adjusting woman Mother always knows best! No one knows you – or your baby – better than you, which also means you are in control with how often you would like your visits. Mothers who experience frequent pain and symptoms are recommended to have regular visits in order to better manage health and stress during pregnancy. Most recommendations range from every 2 weeks, to once a month in order to receive the best results. Depending on the severity of your symptoms, and how early on you experience them, it can be beneficial to start regular visits from the beginning stages of pregnancy as well. We offer quality prenatal chiropractic care, regardless if you are a one-time patient with acute problems, or if you’re a regular patient that starts your prenatal care from start to end.

What to Expect (When Expecting!)

Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture only strives for the best, quality care for our patients. We go above and beyond to ensure we have an environment that is safe for both mom and baby. Our chiropractic care for pregnancy includes: modified stretches, comfortable tables that adjust for growing bellies, focus on pregnancy specific pain areas such as hips and pelvis, as well as pregnancy-safe acupuncture treatments to promote circulation and relief from problem areas. 

When it comes to childbirth, everyone has a different idea of what would make their experience more enjoyable. Preston Chiropractic can be a valuable resource to ensure your journey is a smooth transition into parenthood. If you are pregnant and experiencing pain in your back, hips, and pelvis, or if you want to take preventative measures during pregnancy, please give us a call to schedule a consultation so we can create a therapy plan that is right for you and your baby-to-be.

Why Choose Preston as Your Chiropractic Center During Your Pregnancy?

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