Chiropractor for Scoliosis in Cary

Chiropractor for Scoliosis in Cary

Can Chiropractic Treatments Help with Scoliosis?

Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture Cary Chiropractic care Many adults that suffer from scoliosis have turned to chiropractic offices as a holistic, drug-free, non-invasive alternative to reduce their pain and begin their journey toward a healthier, pain-free lifestyle. Preston Chiropractic offers various treatments involving spinal manipulation. Our knowledgeable staff and outstanding medical team are sure to find a treatment plan that is right for you. Our goal for our patients is to improve overall health and wellness for the patient as a whole so that you can return to your everyday life pain-free.

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What Is Scoliosis & Who Does It Affect?

Scoliosis is the sideways curvature of the spine typically found in children between the ages of 10-15. The most common type of this condition is idiopathic scoliosis. Unfortunately, there is no current known cause for this disease, although many doctors have found contributing factors to be hormones, genetics, and changes in cell structure. Some symptoms of scoliosis are uneven shoulders, uneven waist, one hip higher than the other, and one side of the ribcage jutting forward.

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help My Scoliosis?

Chiropractors see patients for a wide variety of conditions to improve the patient’s posture, nerve pain issues, and range of motion while also reducing inflammation. Chiropractic care is one of the safest treatments patients can have to help with overall scoliosis symptoms. Currently, the only way to get rid of scoliosis 100% is to have invasive surgery – which can involve procedures like spinal rods (many patients would need to continuously have surgery every 3-6 months to lengthen the rod), spinal fusion, or vertebral body tethering.

The surgical procedures involved with correcting scoliosis can have longer recovery times and costly medications and surgical fees, which can be intimidating for patients. Preston Chiropractic can provide you with non-invasive alternatives that focus on your comfort level and give you precisely what you need to improve your condition for a fraction of the price. Our physicians are here to help prevent your scoliosis from worsening and to help with pain management.

What Should I Expect From My Chiropractic Visit?


Preston Chiropractic’s top priority is our patients. Whether it be to provide education and exercises for you to work on yourself at home or if you are seen in our office once a week – our goal is to allow our patients the opportunity to take back their lives and stride towards recovery. 

Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture chiropractor in Cary NC In each visit, you will sit with one of our physicians and speak with them about your concerns, questions, and the specifics of your condition. From there, your physician may require you to have previous imaging, such as x-rays, and conduct physical examinations to understand better what therapies or procedures are right for you. Our expert therapists will use spinal adjustments or flexion distraction methods to “stretch out” thinner areas within your discs. As a result, you should see a dramatic improvement in your flexibility and increased range of motion over time. As you can increase your ability to move freely, many patients find it easier to perform the recommended exercises that strengthen the muscles that support your spine.

Our staff at Preston Chiropractic likes to think of ourselves as the “first domino” that is knocked over in the line-up, knocking down the barriers of their disease and discovering their path to recovery. 

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic vs. Surgery?

If we haven’t said so before, chiropractic care is one of the most safe alternatives to surgery that patients with scoliosis have available to them. Surgery typically can cost patients anywhere between $100,000 to upwards of the $200,000 range! This does not include the medications and rehabilitation necessary to make the full recovery. 

With chiropractic therapies, we can provide our patients relief with no medications or invasive procedures necessary. Choosing Preston Chiropractic offers patients more benefits for a fraction of the cost for surgery – involving exercises to support your joints, comfortable solutions for staying active without increasing your pain, and providing different methods of movement that can minimize pain, while keeping the body in motion and strengthening your muscles.

Not every patient diagnosed with scoliosis will have the same problem areas as other patients. Each of us is unique, and our conditions form uniquely as well. Preston Chiropractic understands this and dedicates our time to formulating a practical course of action that addresses all areas of concern. Your overall health is our number one priority; we aim to not only treat, but to increase your quality of life with each visit. If you or a loved one is suffering from scoliosis pain, please call our office to schedule an appointment with us at Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

We look forward to treating you!

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Here at Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Cary, we prioritize your whole health, offering safe alternatives with longer-lasting results. Please get in touch with us to schedule your initial appointment if you feel chiropractic treatments are right for you.

Your first visit is crucial since it assists us in identifying the best treatment option for you.

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