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cary chiropractic Adjustments from one of our Cary chiropractors are an extremely effective and safe way to treat back pain. Our patients who receive a chiropractic adjustment may hear small popping or cracking sounds in their back — but you have no need to be concerned about that! As they are stretched and moved to different positions, your spinal joints tend to make this sound. Surrounding these joint capsules in your back is tissue fluid. In this fluid are bubbles are other air pockets.

The popping sound is the result of the rapid shift of air when the joint opens and the joint tissue stretches when adjusted during your chiropractic session. Going the chiropractic route gives you much more immediate results than if you were to simply take medication, though that’s not to say a chiropractic session is your permanent fix. You have to stay on top of it and regularly get adjusted to see real long-term results. It’s more maintenance than a permanent fix.

Common Causes Why You Need to Visit a Chiropractor:

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A Chiropractic Adjustment May Also Help:

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Our patients with back pain find that adjustment from a professional chiropractor gives them increased lower back flexibility and mobility. We find that our patients are so pleased with the results from chiropractic treatment that they often return for other services afterward, like a medical massages that targets specific groups of muscles and works to repair and restore them. It is of course true that sometimes you will have soreness or pain after a chiropractic session, it’s physically and forcibly changing the body, but this pain is only temporary! The best way to relieve any pain you may have, which shouldn’t last more than 24 hours, is simply to rest it and apply an ice pack for the best relief. Range of motion and functionality is something that you should see increase more and more as you continue treatment.

YOU have to work for it if you really want to see the best results from your spinal adjustment sessions. One of the most damaging things in our society is bad posture. A lot of us find ourselves hunched over a desk all day looking down at a computer or doing something else. This lack of stretching and movement can have a disastrous effect on your back and neck health. Here’s a fun fact for you: for every inch your head is past your center of gravity, you’re putting around an extra 10 pounds of stress on your neck. This may not sound like a lot, but it sure does add up. A small change either way can make a noticeable difference for either the negative or positive. It’s worth taking a few minutes to stretch and sit in the correct position. It can go a long way to aiding your chiropractic progress!
Along with Cary chiropractic adjustments, our doctors can provide guidance on healthy procedures which include strengthening exercises, as well as proper heavy lifting protocol and instruction to continue and maintain a routine of spinal motion. At Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we put your Cary chiropractic care first! Full circle chiropractic care goes further than getting regular adjustments in our Cary NC office. Let us help you shape your actions to better care for your back and whole body! We also offer nutritional therapy. Before you can expect to really get anything out of any chiropractic or massage therapy you need to have bones and muscles that can handle your everyday life, and then work on those!

Why Choose Preston Chiropractic in Cary NC

preston chiropractic We understand there are a lot of places in the triangle area from Raleigh to Cary and onward, where you can go to have professional chiropractic adjustment done. At Preston Family Chiropractic and Acupuncture we work hard to always do the highest quality work possible. Beyond just straight-up chiropractor work we offer expert acupuncture, nutritional therapy, and medical-massage among some other things.

A Joint Approach to Chiropractic Treatment

The great thing about all of our doctors having such a wide range of expertise and as a whole the fact that when you come in the door we aren’t just going to throw one approach at you and hope it works. We’re able to analyze you as a whole and come up with a plan to get you the best treatment possible. If we’ve learned one thing in our 15+ years doing Cary chiropractic adjustments, it’s that every single case is slightly different and needs its own detailed approach to handle it correctly.

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