Chiropractor for Sleep in Cary

Chiropractor for sleep in Cary

Chiropractic Therapy for Better Sleep

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Imagine you are tossing and turning each night due to chronic aches and pains, stress, anxiety, insomnia, or all of the above. Most people think that trying medications or visiting costly sleep doctors are the only ways of treating sleep problems. What if we told you that paying a visit to a chiropractor can actually help reduce your pain, stress and insomnia all in one? Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture offer our patients alternative, cost effective methods that can increase the likelihood of a good-night’s sleep drastically, and improve your health overall.

What Types of Sleep Problems Can a Chiropractor Treat?

  Chiropractic sleep help Visiting us for chiropractic therapies have benefits within itself – but one common issue that we’ve come across that our patients experience is lack of well rested sleep. Preston Chiropractic has techniques for improving your sleeping conditions such as: sleep apnea, back pain, neck pain, insomnia, and overall stress that deprives you of sleep. These conditions are very common, and have been found to have longer lasting resolution through chiropractic care.

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How can A Chiropractor Help Me Get Better Sleep?

Chiropractic therapy is the treatment of conditions involving the musculoskeletal & nervous system. They specifically help with all types of joint, bone, muscle or nerve conditions, which can involve disrupted sleep. Think back on how you usually sleep at night; what position do you sleep in, normally? Studies show that people who sleep on their back are less likely to wake up with neck or back pain – however – a lot of us don’t find sleeping on our backs to be comfortable! Paying a visit to our office can help with small adjustments to the spine and neck, relieving you of not only pain caused by poor sleeping positions, but can also serve as a stress relief and a relaxing experience.

Preston Chiropractic takes pride in our knowledgeable physicians and staff; Although our ultimate goal is for our patients to walk away feeling relaxed and pain-free, our doctors also like to work with our patients on improving your lifestyle in ways that work best for you! This typically includes small changes such as upgrading your chair at work to a more ergonomic style, incorporating light stretches throughout your day, and even changing dietary habits.

Studies have been conducted for the research of how chiropractors can also aid in better, more restful sleep for babies and young children as well. Infants who suffer from discomfort during their sleep can benefit from chiropractic adjustments by promoting nerve and brain development, due to increased blood flow. The results can vary from each child and what is causing their disrupted sleep; a physical exam with your child’s pediatrician is encouraged before scheduling an appointment.

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What Benefits Does Chiropractic Treatment Have?

wom As mentioned previously, the science of chiropractic care involves treating conditions involving joints, bones, spine, nerves, etc. When we sleep, we often can find ourselves tossing and turning just to get comfortable throughout the night. If during the day you find yourself on your feet all day, sitting with poor posture, or have pre-existing musculoskeletal conditions, sleeping in positions that also cause neck and back pain will only add on to the issue. Our therapists will also provide tips to the patient regarding other ways to get quality sleep at home. Some options could include choosing a new mattress or new pillow, along with other ergonomic lifestyle changes as mentioned above.

Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture can treat a variety of conditions. We have formulated custom treatment plans that address the patient’s concerns, in addition to improving a patient’s overall health and wellness. We encourage our patients to work with their primary care provider while receiving any chiropractic treatment.

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Why Choose Preston Chiropractic for Sleep Treatment?

Chiropractic care is known for having very little risk involved with treatment. Many patients say they are not comfortable with the idea of taking medications due to the possible risks and long term negative effects. Some patients also find with sleep apnea, the machines used to treat the condition are not comfortable to sleep with, giving the opposite result that the machines are intended for. Preston Chiropractic can serve as an alternative solution that can address most sleep concerns without the possibility of negative side effects from medications or costly machines.

A good-night’s sleep is an important part of everyone’s health; from infants to the elderly, everyone can reap the benefits. No matter the age, sleep is vital for our brains to function properly.

Here at Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture in Cary, we prioritize patient health as a whole, and offer safe alternatives that have longer-lasting results. Please contact our office to schedule your initial appointment if you feel chiropractic treatments are right for you.

The first visit is crucial since it assists us in identifying the best treatment option for you.

Reach out today to schedule your initial consultation for chiropractic therapy for better sleep.

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