In these restrictive times, more people are staying home. That means eating at home also. For some, this can mean allowing themselves to have more snacks than usual – little treats to help one deal with the stress of confinement or pure boredom. This unhealthy habit can create long term problems like weight gain.

How to Keep Snacking Down

In this article, the different ways of controlling urges to snack will be discussed. If you take the time to change these habits, it can help with more than controlling hunger.  It can help you to eat healthier for the rest of your life.

Start With A Plan

The best thing you can do to start to curb snacking is to assign yourself a specific time to snack or eat—select times when you usually take a break from work or chores. Spend time away from what you are doing and focus on what you are eating. Don’t try to combine the two. Focus on the food so you can enjoy it and feel fulfilled by it.

Take a page from meal prep, do some snack prep at the beginning of the week, or at the beginning of the day. Do an inventory of the healthiest things that you are currently eating, make that your snack staple for a day. Try a variety of snacks, for example, make trail mix and eat that for a day or two.

Add Variety To Your Day

Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture chiropractic care The main problem of snacking for most people is that it’s just something to do to fill the time. As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to get into a mindless snacking state. Don’t just spend your day in a working state and stay in the office or designated workspace. Get out and do a workout of some kind – just a short walk. Have a conversation with a friend. Doing spontaneous activities may help just as much as planned ones, and having a balance between the two is excellent.

Stay Hydrated

Another vital thing to consider is how much water you are drinking. Drinking water regularly throughout the day is a good habit to use for satiating hunger between meals. Adding something to your water, such as lemon or fruit, adds flavor and variety. Even having foods with high water content such as watermelon or celery could be the right balance of hydration and managing hunger.

Don’t try to change all at once. Gradually make small changes, replacing bad habits with good. Before you know it you’ll have your snacking habits under control.

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