Severe back pain can compromise your quality of life. Without seeking treatment for the pain on your lower back, life would never feel normal again. Thanks to a combination of natural remedies, physical therapy and lifestyle changes, it is possible to manage back pain. Here are a number of things we recommend to help you alleviate the pain on your lower back.

Practice proper posture

People who have poor posture often experience pain in the lower back at some point. In order to relieve the strain on the lower back, you will have to practice proper posture. Habits like leaning over the sink when brushing your teeth should stop. You need to avoid any activities that will strain the back. Avoid slouching and ensure the seat is comfortable and supports your back fully.

Exercise often

Staying in bed all day is one of the worst things you can do to recover from a bad back. Exercises that strengthen the core can reduce the pain on the lower back. Most doctors in Cary recommend walking around the house or even attempting simple exercises that do not strain the muscles. By keeping busy, you will avoid focusing on the pain and live healthier.

Get a professional massage

Massage therapy not only improves blood circulation but also helps to release the tension and tightness in the muscles that often causes pain. Massage also enhances flexibility so the body is able to experience equal amounts of pressure. However, avoid any intense massages that may cause injury. Talk us regarding medical massage therapy if you suffer from severe back pain.

Using hot and cold remedies

For some people, a bag of ice when placed on the painful area can cause some relief. Others can feel relief after placing a hot water bottle on the affected area. When doing this, try not to place the hot or cold item directly on your skin because it can cause injury. You can alternate the hot and cold treatments to see what works best for you.


This is a modern form of treatment that involves placing needles in different parts of the body in order to alleviate pain. Acupuncture has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment recommended by doctors in Cary. However, this treatment should be sought if you have severe back pain that affects your ability to perform daily tasks. You should try the natural remedies first to cope with pain in your lower back. For professional acupuncture in Cary, book a session with us. Call now!