Suppose you are sitting in your favorite place for an extended period. While getting up, you suddenly hear popping sounds in your neck and spine. What does it mean? Do you need to worry about it? Some people love that feeling when their back cracks. However, that popping, crackling sound might signal that you need to visit a doctor soon.

Tips from Chiropractor in Cary NC: Back Cracking

Spinal Anatomy

First, let’s look at the descriptions of the human spine’s three major components.

  • Spinal Cord: The extended set of nerves responsible for connecting your brain to the nerves around your body.
  • Meninges: The membranes around the spinal cord and the brain that can absorb any impact on your spine. They also contain a fluid called cerebrospinal.
  • Spinal Column: Made up of stacked pieces of bone, called vertebrae. It is responsible for helping your back to bend and have flexibility.

What Happens in the Spine

There are different theories about what is happening when you hear that pop sound. For example, some doctors believe that when adjusting a joint, synovial fluid is released and turned into gas, leading to that snapping, popping sound. In more technical terms, altering your back can stretch these capsules on the outer edge of your vertebrae. This adjustment gives synovial fluid more space to move. That is why the pressure over this fluid is released, turning into gas, making that popping sound.

Other doctors believe that gases like nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide build up between the joints over time. Sitting for a long time makes the joints improperly aligned, leading to swelling. Then, when you stretch and move, these gases are released and make that cracking sound.

Why It Feels Good

The main reason for the good feeling is the release of pressure. Also, cracking your back releases endorphins. These hormones generate a sense of satisfaction in the body, which makes you feel good. Most patients feel good with this pressure relief, but if you feel pain after the crackling sound, you might need to see a doctor.

Home and Clinical Treatment

It is safer to see a professional than to crack your back on your own. Chiropractors move your back joints to force your spine into making that sound. Then, they can help relieve the pressure using lower back adjustment techniques.

If pain persists, chiropractors may suggest surgery or anti-inflammatory medications. The medications can decrease that popping sound. If drugs do not bring relief, an evaluation by a doctor could identify an injury or musculoskeletal disorder as the main culprit. A doctor can also address any other chronic back pain you are experiencing.

Simple Home Exercise

If you exercise at home, some simple moves can reduce your pain and improve your motion. For example, lie on your back, hug your knees, and repeat this move 2-3 times, twice a day. Another helpful exercise is lower back rotation; lie on your back and bend your knees. Then, keep your shoulder fixed and move your hips to one side until your knees touch the ground. Hold this position for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side.

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