If you’ve been experiencing back pain for an extended period, your family doctor or a friend may recommend you visit a chiropractor. Chiropractors focus on back pain, neck pain, headaches, joint injuries, muscle aches, and discomfort due to nerves. Unfortunately, medical insurance does not always cover chiropractic care, so many people do not seek treatment because it means an out-of-pocket expense. So here are tips on when is the best time to book an appointment to see a chiropractor.

Tips from Cary NC Chiropractic: When to See a Chiropractor

Chronic Pain in Joints & Muscles

Some days we get strange aches and pains that quickly go away, while sometimes these pains can last for weeks. These aches and pains are your body’s natural way of telling you that bones may be out of alignment due to muscle, joint, and tendon issues. It may take more than stretching or heat/cold compresses to heal. If the pain affects your daily life, it may be time to see a chiropractor.

Lingering Injuries

If you have strained or pulled muscles, ligaments, or tendons, they will take some time to heal. You may be questioning whether exercise is exacerbating the injury or if you should be doing something different. Weeks after the injury, you may still be experiencing lingering pain or stiffness that inhibits movement. A chiropractor can assess the damage and provide an effective treatment plan to get you fully mobile again.

Sitting All Day at Work

The muscles in the human body need to be used, not sit all day at a desk staring at a screen. If you find that you feel stiff at the end of the day and start to suffer from lingering tension in your neck or back, you may be placing too much stress on your spine. A chiropractor can help loosen up tension in your body from sitting too long throughout the workweek.

Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture

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