The Six Main Ways to Decrease Body Pain

Most of the time, body pains are there for a specific reason.They tell us when our body is not functioning at its optimum or it has been injured, very important feedback for any person! However, for some people, the pain may stay around for a long period of time, even weeks, months, and sometimes years. This causes a lot of suffering and reduces overall quality of life, sometimes drastically so. If you fall into this category, then you need to understand the other treatment methods for chronic pain. This article will help you understand these other methods to help you supplement the medication that you have been prescribed by your medical practitioner. Once you are aware of these other methods, you will know how to best deal with your own pain.

Natural and Non-Invasive Methods of Dealing with Pain

  1. Working out: Strengthening your body really is so important. Physical activity strengthens your body and interrupts the cycle of chronic pain. Research shows that this reduces the immobility that is present in various conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Alternatively, if exercising is too strenuous on your body you could try aerobic activities because of their gentle nature. You could try some cycling, swimming, and even walking. The key is getting your endorphins flowing from working out, they’ll help reduce pain and make you feel better overall!
  2. Heat and cold: These are the two key methods of getting through chronic pain for most injuries. Go out and buy, or make a homemade cold and hot pack. You could do this with the aid of a clean dry cloth and either dip it in hot water or use it to wrap ice cubes. Get a good Cary chiropractor or physical therapist to help you with their version of this method. This is better just because the cold or heat is applied more effectively and evenly, better providing relief to the area being questioned.
  3. Mind exercises: Restore the balance and control of your body by doing more exercises that deal with breathing, mindfulness, and meditation. Healing starts in the mind, thus you need to strengthen the belief and possibility by restoring the balance and control that your mind should have. These exercises will calm you down and increase your chances of pain relief. It turns down the flight or fights response that increases chronic pain and muscle tension in the body when going through stressful occasions. Focusing on your mental health really is important, being in a good clear state of mind can alleviate pain, make you do your job better, and just lead to a better life overall.
  4. Yoga: This practice is different from meditation. Most of the time they go hand in hand. Yoga incorporates meditation, breathing control and gentle movements that help to strengthen and stretch muscles. It helps people who experience lingering injuries, arthritis and even headaches. Alternatively, if you lack the time, try stretching your body when you are at work. Take breaks from your desk and walk around or stretch your body. Constant sitting has been known to affect the tissues and muscles. Getting up for a short break will help clear your mind also, getting that blood flowing and get your mind to start fresh when you get back to work!
  5. Music therapy: Do you love music? Which music genre do you love? Well, studies show that you can use this little fact to your advantage by going about music therapy. It has been known to help reduce pain after and even before surgeries and childbirth. Most times, this form of therapy has used classical music. Listening to music distracts your mind and makes you forget the discomfort and pain. It also activates positive hormones that are emitted from the brain such as oxytocin that help improve healing of the body. Music is a great medicine, it does something special to people!
  6. Change the way you sleep: Most of us struggle with chronic back pain, only to realize that their beds are the cause of the pain, once we’ve done a lot of wondering and pondering. Change your pillows and mattress before seeking any medical help if you suffer from chronic back and neck pain. Even if that isn’t the whole issue, it won’t hurt at all! The more relief the better.

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