Chiropractor massage the female patient spine and back

Chiropractor massage the female patient spine and back

According to reports published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20% of individuals will experience neck pain in a period of three months. Problems like stiff neck are usually caused by poor posture and lifestyle habits that many of us cannot avoid. In a modern world where people sit on their computer’s and stare at mobile phones all day, it’s no surprise that many of us will experience neck pain at some point in our lives. So how can you get relief from neck pain? Try these simple remedies.

Stretching and manipulation exercises

As you sit on your desk or even when driving, you can try out different stretches that can keep neck pain at bay. Try rolling your shoulders up and down several times. You can also lower down your ear to your shoulders up to 10 times on each side. Simple stretches like this can help you to avoid bending your neck for long periods of time which often causes stiffness.

Adjust your sleeping positions

Some sleeping positions cause lower back pain and neck problems. Do not sleep on your stomach because this often causes strain on the lower back which spreads to the neck. Sleep on your side or on your back.

Apply heat or ice

If you have painful areas on your neck, you can use ice for the first 48 hours and then use heat after that. Have a warm shower or just apply hot compresses on the painful areas. Just make sure you don’t expose the skin to direct heat to avoid any injuries.

Get a massage

Gentle massages can really help to relieve neck pain. Have someone massage the sore or painful areas but without putting too much pressure on it.

Change your mattress

Try using a firm mattress and don’t be surprised if your neck pain goes away. You can also invest in a special neck pillow that gives you just the support you need.

Get a soft neck collar

If your neck pain is getting out of hand or causing a lot of discomfort, ask your Cary NC chiropractor if you can use the neck collar. However, using the collar for a long time can make the muscles in that region weak.

Over the counter pain relievers

Neck pain can turn out to be consistent. In this case, take over the counter medication to relieve pain and see the doctor. Keep moving your neck but avoid strenuous activities that worsen the symptoms.

Along with Cary chiropractor adjustments, our doctors here at Preston Family Chiropractic can provide guidance on healthy procedures which include strengthening exercises. Call us to book an appointment today!