Cary back pain reliefTreatmentsSpinal adjustment techniques have become controversial over the years. They are recommended by chiropractors as a treatment for pain by realigning the bones using several manipulations. Spinal adjustments, together with medication or supplements, can treat complex conditions like asthma and menstrual pain. The most common reason why people seek spinal adjustments is to get rid of back pain. For spinal manipulation to help in alleviating back pain, consider taking the following important steps.

Find a qualified chiropractor

Not everyone who calls themselves a chiropractor understands how to use spinal manipulations to treat back pain. Find a chiropractor who specializes in back pain treatment if you want to avoid wasting your time and money on procedures and techniques that put you in danger.

Understand how the spinal manipulation is performed

You need to ensure the spinal manipulation is properly done. The proper way of doing spinal adjustments is by using hands. Some chiropractors may use small mallets to tap the affected area in order to align the vertebrae in place. This is a very dangerous technique that is used to treat subluxations. The best chiropractors in Cary will use a combination of different techniques including massage, exercise and other home treatments to help their patients experience relief from back pain.

Know when to stop treatment

Spinal adjustments can be effective but there are cases where several treatments do not relieve the back pain. If you still experience pain or it worsens after two weeks, you need to stop treatment and consult your doctor immediately. You shouldn’t subject yourself to long and unnecessary treatment that doesn’t work for you. Daily visits are usually unnecessary or they should reduce the number of times you go for spinal adjustments over a period of time. Sometimes one or two spinal manipulation treatments a month are enough. Frequent manipulation may put you at risk.

Chiropractic adjustments are usually recommended for low back pain and neck pain. It is also important to understand that neck manipulation could be dangerous if not done properly. The risks of chiropractic care include soreness which goes away after several days. Other safer methods of conventional therapy and treatment such as lifestyle or diet changes, that cause less strain on the muscles and joints, should be sought before going for spinal adjustments. Some people have poor posture or habits that encourage lower back pain. Spinal adjustments when done by qualified chiropractors in Cary can help address such problems.

Preston Family Chiropractic also offers Cary acupuncture services. For a gentle and safe approach to this alternative medicine treatment, book an appointment with us.