All You Need To Know About Getting Your Bones Moving After the Holiday

Going back to work after a long holiday is hard because of the transition you make from constant lounging to constant movement. You might experience some aches and pains during the first few weeks of going to work because of all the sitting you have been doing over the holiday. Have you tried visiting a Cary Chiropractor? The chiropractor will help you get your bones and joints moving after a long holiday of lounging and relaxing.

Sitting for long periods could wreak havoc on your body. The good news is that getting a check-up with your Cary Chiropractor and doing a couple of stretches could help your body to regain its normal musculoskeletal functions. If you are experiencing some pain, your Cary chiropractor will help you get substantial treatment. Below are some of the possible pains experienced by people after a holiday of consistent sitting. They can also give you some exercises to do at your desk, and most importantly, just make sure that you get up and stretch out every now and again! It’ll make more difference than you may think.

Pains Experienced After a Holiday with Consistent Sitting

  1. Lower back pain: This excruciating pain is very common with people who do a lot of sitting on a daily basis. When a person slumps on the chair or slouches when walking, this is a sure sign of a person who has spine misalignment. This strains the muscles and ligaments on the back causing pain to just get worse with time. Try some abdominal exercises to strengthen your core such as crunches. You could do them twice or thrice a week. This relieves the pressure from your back and helps you have a good posture, as well as just positively impacting your overall health.
  2. Wrist pain: Spending most of your time on your computer or other device could injure your wrist. Positioning your wrist when you hold your devices could cause some serious wrist pain. Whenever you operate your device, the wrist tendons move back and forth. This gliding produces some friction that is known as micro trauma. This motion brings about fatigue and inflammation. If you fall in this category, try to maintain good posture. Bad posture cuts off circulation downstream leading to soreness and numbness. A Buddha stretch would help. Place the palms and fingers together with arms in front of your chest. Make sure that your fingers point upwards. Make sure that your elbows are moving outward with your palms together. Stretch out your wrists by lowering your arms and holding this position for five seconds.
  3. Shoulder and neck pain: Most of us do not appreciate the neck and shoulder area until we get an injury. This pain indicates that you have misaligned the spine and strained the soft tissue and muscles in the area. A chin-tuck exercise could help you relieve this pain. It is also called a neck retraction. As you sit or stand upright, make sure that your spine is straight and your head is pushed forward. Jut your chin outwards. Push it as far as possible. Then follow up by reversing this movement and pulling your head back. Make sure that your head is level throughout this exercise. Do this chin-jut about four times. It will relieve the tension and stress in this area.

At Preston Family Chiropractic, we are suited and ready to handle any issues you may have with your spine or other bones/muscles. From old sports injuries to general soreness, we can help you fix it all! Contact us today and let’s see what we can do.