Are you tempted to go under the knife to address your back problems once and for all? Before you finally decide to go through with back surgery, perhaps you need to have the following information.

Do you Need Back Surgery?

While back surgery may look like a fast solution to a critical issue, it’s often considered as the last resort. The reason why most people avoid surgery is the high cost, risks involved and recovery period. If you think about the many cons of going under the knife, you’ll consider the less common options of dealing with back pain.

There are cases where getting back surgery makes a lot of sense. For instance, if you have a herniated disk then a minimally invasive procedure can be done to correct the situation. This is a cheaper and more effective alternative than most nonsurgical methods of treatment. Below we will look at other alternatives of dealing with acute back pain.

Ice and Heat Therapy

Ice and heat therapy has been recently introduced as an effective back pain treatment. Ice or cold packs are used to relieve pain and inflammation on the tissues. By applying heat on the affected area, the blood vessels expand allowing for more improved blood circulation and this increases the flow of oxygen all over the body. The affected area is supplied with adequate nutrients and heals faster. The hot packs of ice can be used to warm the muscle and generate a soothing effect after exercising.

Spinal Manipulations

This is another non-invasive procedure used to address symptoms of back pain. It is often used by chiropractors in Cary to break up scar tissue and address painful areas on the neck and back. The manipulations are usually done by hand even though some chiropractors use machines to make it more effective. Physical therapy together with chiropractic management can be an effective approach to treat acute and chronic back pain.

Spine injections

The steroid injections are recommended for patients undergoing severe back pain due to conditions like a herniated disc. The lumbar epidural steroid injection can stop the pain for a period of up to 3 months. However, using injections alone may not decrease the need for surgery. Some patients end up relying on the steroid injections for relief and hence cannot control the pain without them. Combining the injection with other forms of therapy like massage and lifestyle modification can lead to better healing.

When it comes to spine health, going natural is always the best choice. Give our chiropractic treatment a try. Get in touch with us here at Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture today.