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What can you do to Help Get Rid of Your Back Pain?

If you want to keep back pain at bay, try different kind of remedies that will address the structural problems in your lower back. Using pain killers to deal with the symptoms of back problems is never recommended. Here are a few ways to get back pain relief once and for all.

Get adequate sleep

Wondering how sleep and back pain are connected? Well, research shows that many people who suffer from lower back pain usually have some type of sleep disorder. Lack of sleep can make back pain worse. You need to resolve issues that lead to sleep problems such as dealing with stress and anxiety or changing your mattress and pillow.

Working out your core

Proper exercises can really help you to prevent and cure back pain. Focus on exercising the muscles that support your lower spine. You don’t have to rush to the gym in order to exercise the muscles in your abs and back. There are many simple activities like walking and stretching which you can incorporate in your daily routine as a form of exercise.

Use cold and heat compresses

Apply cold packs on the affected areas to help reduce inflammation. Cold compresses can help to slow down nerve impulses on the affected area thereby preventing the nerves from causing pain or spasms. Applying heat on the other hand helps to stimulate blood flow. Just make sure you don’t expose the skin to injury. Use low-level heat. You can take a hot bath targeting the affected area or use a heating pad or hot water bottle.

Don’t focus too much on the pain

There are researchers who have shown that engaging your brain can help you to focus less on back pain. This is very important, especially to people who suffer from chronic back pain. When you focus too much on the pain, your brain will process the pain signals and you may end up feeling worse. Back pain specialists in Cary NC can help you to work on engaging your brain as a way of relieving pain.

Focus on activities that make you feel good

If you are experiencing severe pain, engaging in healthy activities that make you feel good each day can improve your quality of life. This could be anything from calling your friends to walking your dog or enjoying your favorite meal. Sometimes the little things you share with those around you can make your pain more tolerable.

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