Pregnancy is challenging enough. Growing another human can be hard on a body, from swollen ankles to back pain. Prenatal care is crucial for a happy and healthy pregnancy, and now studies have shown that chiropractic visits can be more beneficial than ever thought possible. This article will discuss how chiropractic care during pregnancy can ease some of the associated aches and pains.

Visiting a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Morning Sickness

One problem in the first trimester, and unfortunately sometimes throughout the pregnancy, is morning sickness. But that label is deceiving, right? Because that nauseous feeling can last all day. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to alleviate this nausea and uncomfortable feeling. Of course, diet and medication can help remedy this, but some women prefer a more holistic approach. By focusing on spinal realignment, chiropractors can zone in the nervous system to help improve its function and increase hormonal balance. This method also helps with digestive issues that may be causing nausea or constipation.

Back Pain

With tender and tailored prenatal adjustments, you’ll notice a big difference in how your body reacts to your pregnancy. For example, back pain is one of the biggest complaints among soon-to-be moms, especially in the last trimester. This back pain is mainly caused by spinal instability and loosened ligaments and joints as the body prepares for delivery. Adjustments help ease this discomfort by keeping the body aligned.

Pelvic Balance

Adjustments can help improve pelvic balance, a concern for mothers who worry their babies are in the breech position. Not only does it help the baby prepare for its big entrance into the world, but it can make the delivery process much smoother for the mother. Not to mention it helps how quickly the body recovers after delivery too.

Posture Correction

Being aware of your posture is also essential for pregnant women. For example, pregnant women should refrain from arching their back because the additional weight can cause extra pressure on the spine, leading to temporary or permanent damage. Adjustments make it easier and less painful to stay mindful of this. And another massive bonus of spinal adjustments is improved sleep.

Postnatal Care

Overall, prenatal chiropractic adjustments encourage a healthier pregnancy for mom and baby in more ways than we can count. From sleepless nights to aftercare, these simple adjustments can help a woman have a pleasant pregnancy. In addition, postnatal adjustments can help new moms avoid injuries after delivery from everyday actions such as picking up the baby, lifting heavy car seats, and bouncing their bundle of joy on their hips for extended periods.

Preston Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture

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