When you’re young, you can do all sorts of activities and wake up fine the following day. But the body’s muscles, tendons, and joints are more susceptible to strain and injuries as you age. If you’re experiencing back pain, the source of it may come as a surprise. It may not be that specific activity that’s causing you trouble – it may be as simple as your shoes.

Visiting a Cary NC chiropractic location for an evaluation can help diagnose your problem and make a treatment plan. But first, let’s look at the potential issues that can arise from wearing the wrong footwear.

Tips from a Cary Chiropractic Clinic: Footwear Problems

Back Strain from High Heels

High heels are fabulous for a social occasion but not something you want to wear every day of the week. Your body and brain can adapt to staying balanced on high heels, but you place additional strain on your lower back. Your body compensates for the height of the heels by sticking your bottom out, which causes a curve in the lower back. While one night at a party won’t cause lingering pain, wearing high heels every day of the week can trigger strain and muscle tension in your lower back.

Incorrect Feet Support

It’s not just high heels that can be an issue. If you buy cheap shoes from your local department store, they may be made from cheap plastic materials that lack arch or heel support. Lack of support may cause you to compensate for the pain by altering your gait as you walk, which can lead to pain in your lower back. A foot specialist can recommend custom supportive sole inserts to be used in your favorite shoes.

Aggravating Your Arthritis

Wearing the wrong shoes can aggravate a current medical condition, such as arthritis. In addition, improper arch support can make your feet press flat against the insoles, which can place pressure on your ankles and heels, and cause pain and inflammation.

Discouraged from Exercising

If your shoes aren’t providing the proper support and you’re experiencing pain in your feet, knees, or lower back, it may be an excuse to skip the exercise routine. Unfortunately, not exercising can lead to more back pain, as the back needs to move to remain flexible and pain-free. Sitting down for extended periods (i.e., work desk) is also an issue, but if your daily footwear is uncomfortable, you may not feel encouraged to get up and walk during a break.

Wearing the correct footwear with proper support can alleviate pain, but there may be conditions already in place that need to be addressed – a chiropractor can help.

Preston Chiropractic & Acupuncture

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