Identifying an acupuncture specialist who can help you to deal with a certain health problem can be a tough task. But not when you live in Cary NC. In this area, there’s no shortage of acupuncture experts. However, take note before you hire any one of them to provide this important therapy. Below are a few considerations when making your decision.

Start with referrals and recommendations

Begin with getting names of acupuncture specialists in your area from your family, friends, colleagues or neighbors. They will probably recommend a professional who is nearby so you can visit their center to assess them further.

Get the education details

Acupuncture specialists need to have the required qualifications. They need the necessary certifications in order to practice this form of therapy. Ask to see these certifications because they show you how the acupuncturist is committed to adhering to certain codes of conduct.

Can they work with other medics?

You may need an acupuncture specialist who is willing to work with your doctor or any other healthcare provider. It is very important to make this clear during the initial visit. Discuss the other forms of treatment that you are considering or the ones you are currently receiving. Find out what they think regarding the acupuncture treatment being used together with other forms of medication. The specialist’s goal should be to do what it takes to help you effectively manage your health.

Do they have experience?

When looking at the acupuncturist’s experience, try and narrow it down to the medical conditions you have. Find out if the specialist has experience in dealing with people who have similar conditions. It’s important that you share your expectations with the acupuncturist. You may want the therapy to help you attain a certain level of emotional and physical well being. Get in touch with to learn more about professional acupuncture services.

Remember also that there are conditions where acupuncture is not safe. For instance, if you experience bleeding or take anticoagulant medicines, this is not the best treatment for you.

Is it covered by your insurance?

Though most insurance providers do not cover acupuncture, there are some that consider this as a complimentary therapy and cover it. It’s wise to call your insurance company and get a list of providers they recommend in your area if they cover acupuncture. Make sure you understand the approach that is covered and any restrictions that may be given by the insurance company. Discuss this with the acupuncturist before your first session.