Why Standing And Stretching Regularly Is Good For You

Are you looking for a quick relief to that annoying back pain or recovering from accident injuries? Or you are just concerned about your general health? Finding a family chiropractor and acupuncturist for treatment and massage therapy is essential for your health. However, along with professional medical care your Preston Family Chiro, understanding the benefits of standing and stretching regularly is of great importance to you.

Top 10 Proven Benefits Of Standing And Stretching

If you want to achieve your health goals in 2019, you’ve got to do things differently for different results. Your current health condition or tight work schedule may not allow you space for regular intense workouts but there are plenty of small things you can do through the day for yourself.


Every moment you take your time to stand or stretch after sitting or lying for some time is very precious to you. It helps increase range of motions and flexibility. Cary Chiropractors provide flexibility training programs to help reduce risk of injury and improve physical performance. Simply put, more flexibly equals less risk for injury.

Improved Range Of Motions

Stand & Stretch Regularly Stretching helps improve range of motion, meaning your body will require less energy when making same movements and in the long run you’ll have more flexible joints. This lessens the possibility of injuries when doing your daily activities or during workouts.

When you stretch your body, it aids in nutrients supplies to your muscles. This reduces muscle soreness and helps in speedy joint injury recoveries. Again, this also greatly reduces your chances of injuring yourself, as most injuries are caused by being too tight.

Reinforces Posture

If you’ve got an issue with posture or you fear that you may suffer from posture problems, stretching can work magic for you. Every time you stretch, you lengthen the tight muscles that were pulled away from their intended position and keeps your muscles loose. Stretching supports spinal alignment thus improving body posture as well as relieving pains and aching.

Better Blood Flow

Stand & Stretch Regularly When you stand and stretch, it helps increase your blood circulation and flow for a healthy body. It promotes efficient supply of oxygen to your brain thus boosting your moods and concentration.

Reduced Soreness

For you to relieve muscle soreness after your regular workouts, stretching your body before and after a workout is very vital. It promotes blood and nutrition supply in your muscles and get’s everything flowing as well as it can.

Are You A Repetitive Sitter? Watch Out

Whenever you spend most of your time sitting, your glutes start degenerating slowly. When they reach a point of shutting down, your other joints and muscles get overstressed. You need to combat this problem by getting up, stretch and get your glutes active. Whether you manage to work out or not, stretching these tight muscles helps reduce future pains and injury.

Need Better Balance?

Did you know that daily use of your muscles makes them tight? When you stand and stretch, it helps alleviate your muscle tightness, giving your body a better balance and relief.

Why You Need Preston Family Chiro

Sitting for long periods of time can be tough on your muscles. You can easily ignore or forget to stand and stretch your body regularly but when you train with Preston Family Chiropractic, it becomes part of your lifestyle. So if you sit, drive or stay in one place for many hours, you need to embrace the simple magical art of standing and stretching regularly and safeguard your future.