Does More Money Mean Back Pain?

The frequency of chronic back pain is only increasing as time goes on in our society. Young and old alike are all complaining of back discomfort these days. Have you ever considered the fact that it could literally be your wallet or anything else you always leave in your pockets causing that? Believe it or not, it totally could be. With something as sensitive as your back, it really doesn’t take much to throw it off and cause you pain.

Not many people know about or have ever even thought about the fact that sitting on a wallet all day could be leading directly to your pain. Let’s break it down a little bit so you can understand why this is happening. If your wallet is in your back pocket, one side or your pelvis is going to be lower to the ground than the other. This causes your spine to be at an angle it’s just not supposed to be at for any extended period of time. Even regardless on the size of your wallet, sitting on it for any period of time can cause severe back and pelvis misalignment and pain.

What Do I Do With My Wallet?

If you don’t want your money to cause you pain, the solution is simple! The easiest thing you can do is just take your wallet out of your pocket when you sit down, stick it in a front pocket or on your table. Another great little trick is to just carry an old fashioned money clip, it’ll hold onto all of your money and important cards with very little footprint. Plus, they look really cool.

Find the Source of Your Pain

Preston Family Chiropractic spine

So many different things can cause back pain, it can be hard to diagnose it exactly and fully. If not treated in a timely manner, this back pain can become worse and start affecting other areas of your body. When a body part is hurt others have to work harder and in ways they maybe normally shouldn’t, hurting themselves more as time goes on.

Preston Family Chiro is the best when it comes to figuring out what exactly is causing you all of that back pain. It could be something as simple as sitting on your wallet and not stretching enough or it could be something more severe like scoliosis that was never diagnosed. Regardless of the cause, we can work with you to stop it at the root, and through chiropractic adjustment, we can hopefully have you improving relatively quickly.

One big thing you need to be evaluating is just your own everyday habits. Having a good diet is important for every single function of your body, even back pain. Are you sitting all day? Do you get up and stretch or take breaks? If you do sit a lot, you need to make sure you’re sitting up straight. Think of your head as a heavy rock, if you’re leaning over then this rock is severely weighing down your spine at a weird angle, so make sure things as simple as your posture are good.

A Chiropractor You Can Trust

Of all health complications, back pain can be some of the most debilitating and painful. Your spine is not something to joke around with. Neither is choosing someone to work with you to fix your back pain. You need to find a trusted chiropractor to handle you. If you’re in the area, Preston Family Chiropractic is the perfect solution for you.