There are many benefits for students who decide to participate in sports, from enjoying regular exercise to learning how to work as a team. But like with any recreational activity, students can also experience a higher level of injuries as they put their bodies through the motions of a game. This article discusses the benefits of booking an appointment with Cary, NC, chiropractic care so your student athlete can experience professional care for treating and preventing injuries.

Cary, NC Chiropractic Care: Treating Student Athletes

To Prevent Misaligned Spinal Pain

A child may have experienced an injury but may not be aware of it. If left untreated, a spinal cord or neck injury can worsen over time, causing pain. But with a regular chiropractic visit, a chiropractor can examine the child and determine if the spine is out of alignment. Then, a treatment plan can be developed for adjustments to restore full motion and prevent future balance issues, tingling, or limited range of motion in the neck or back.

Avoiding Prescription or OTC Pain Medication

Pain medication is designed for short-term care. If your child has an injury that takes a long time to heal, you may be hesitant to administer that medication due to side effects. Instead, a trip to a chiropractic care clinic can manage pain in younger athletes. A chiropractor can find the source of pain and recommend treatments with a combination of laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and heat/ice.

Decrease Recovery Time

A student injured during a game will be anxious to return to play, but if it’s too soon, they can worsen their injury. Waiting for an injury to mend can take a long time, and student athletes can be impatient. For example, if sports finals are ahead, athletes will be heartbroken if they can’t play. However, an effective chiropractic treatment plan will help heal the athlete’s spinal or neck injury quickly so they can return to their game quickly and safely.

Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture

If your student athlete is complaining about pain in their neck or back, or they have suffered an injury or fracture that seems to be taking forever to heal, now is the time to book an appointment with Preston Chiropractic and Acupuncture. Soon we can have your student athlete feeling their best and ready to get back to playing their favorite sports. So, call us at 919-238-5040 and set up an appointment today.